Who is behind Zeuxis ?

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Amélie Du Chalard - Zeuxis Art

Who is behind Zeuxis ?

Daughter of an artist, I certainly do not have the" brush stroke " but I always have the look and taste for art. Spending time in shows, fairs and galleries has always been my main hobby and have allowed me to meet a lot of very talented artists.

I quickly help friends and relatives to find artwork they were looking for. I thus noticed that the desire to purchase artworks was very real but for lack of time, knowledge of this impressive environment, it was difficult to find happiness ...

So I gradually became the "eye " of people around me and I loved it. After years in investment banking, Zeuxis was born, simply and naturally.

Amélie du Chalard

An avant-garde gallery

Zeuxis is a new concept of contemporary art gallery.

The digital platform zeuxis-art.com offers more than 3,000 works in the world of abstraction, from 500 to 10,000 euros, from a panel of 70 artists rigorously selected by Amelie du Chalard. Zeuxis also has two art rooms in Paris and London, where novices and more assertive collectors can, by appointment, project themselves into a familiar domestic interior before acquiring the work of their choice.

A different proposal that gives a new breath to the traditional galleries often perceived by art lovers as too intimidating.

How does it work ?


I choose my favorite artworks online


I make an appointment to discover them in the Art Room


I buy and have 15 days to exchange if necessary.

Who is Zeuxis ?

Greek painter (400AJC), king of "trompe l'oeil," Zeuxis was arguing with Parrhasios the title of the greatest ancient painter. During an "artist's fight" organized to decide the best, everyone had to paint a work. The two painters arrived before the jury, each with a canvas covered with a small curtain. Zeuxis removed the first one and found a beautiful child and before him a beautiful cup of grapes, so realistic that birds quickly pecking them. The impressed jury then turned to Parrhasios and asked him to raise his curtain in turn ... to which Parrhasios replied that there was none ... he had perfectly painted a curtain ...

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